Update your iOS Using New Computer without Losing Personal Data

iOS 5 has hit the Web shelves which means that everybody is eager to try out the newest Apple mobile operating system. But what if you no longer have access to the computer that you used to sync your iPhone or iPad with iTunes last time?

iTunes is pretty clear on this matter – if you decide to update your Apple device on a new computer, you will end up losing all your personal data. And though they don’t give a solution to this problem, there actually is one, and pretty simple at that.

how to update to-IOS-5 without losing data
The first thing that you will need to do is to authorize your new computer with your iTunes account. To do that, connect your device to the computer and when your iPhone or iPad appears on the iTunes sidebar under the Devices section, press File – Transfer Purchases from iPhone/iPad/iPod and iTunes will transfer your settings and apps to your computer.

If you have access to your old computer, you may also deauthorize it as iTunes allows you to authorize just five computers for some media like music.
After authorizing your new machine, back up your personal data to be safe. To do that, choose File > Library > Back Up to Disc.

This method will help you to save just applications that you purchased from the iTunes Store so MP3s that you uploaded on your iDevice without buying them from the Apple store will probably still get wiped. But the rest of your music, applications and books purchased through the App Store, iTunes Store, or iBookstore will make it to your updated Apple device.

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